World Name  Rise of the Crowns
World Type D/s Earth
Current Timeline/frame ?????
Creator Jeffera (AltEarth Administrator)

Alexander III succeeded his father, Alexander II, in 1249 at the age of seven. At fifteen he took over the reins of government from his Regents and proved to be a wise and capable King. He acted, much in the way of a modern President or Prime Minister, in binding the Nation together, building upon the foundations laid by his father. He presided over a Scotland largely at peace, and with peace came prosperity and an expansion of the Burghs and Tade Indeed Berwick alone, the chief Scottish Burgh of Alexander’s day, had customs equal to a quarter of all the customs of England. The whole Nation prospered as never before.

No King of Scots, before ever did more for the welfare of his realm. He was known as ‘The Peaceable’ because apart from freeing the Hebrides from Norse rule he led his people into no war. Thanks to Alexander peace with Scotland’s larger and more powerful neighbour England was maintained.

He firmly believed in the Independence of Scotland and of the Scots. He successfully withstood false claims of sovereignty from both his father-in-law Henry III and his brother-in-law Edward I of England.

The years of peace and rising prosperity gave Scotland, a foundation of unity, and a feeling of Scottishness and a spirit that she never had before. If after his untimely death, William Wallace and Andrew de Moray rallied a Nation against English oppressors, and Robert I was able to regain Scottish Independence, it was Alexander III who had made that Nation and made his fellow Scots realise the need for a separate Scotland.

On the 18th of March 1286 Alexander was in good health and firmly in control. That fateful day he held council in Edinburgh Castle, debating a reply to an embassy from the English King Edward I, a debate that went on until late in the afternoon. Alexander was said to be in good humour at the conclusion of the meeting and after eating he set off in the evening to return to Fife where his second wife, of six months, Yolande, awaited his return.

His nobles tried to persuade him to stay in Edinburgh, as it was an evening of stormy weather, bitterly cold with a strong wind from the north bearing rain and snow. But the King was determined to return to Kinghorn and rode to Queensferry. There the Ferryman tried to persuade him not to cross the gurlie waters of the Forth but to no avail. In an eight-oar ferry Alexander made a slow crossing of the Firth of Forth, as the oarsmen struggled against the elements. Eventually Alexander III and three esquires arrived at the Fife Burgh of Inverkeithing. Here the Ferrymen fearful still of the Kings determined journey begged his Highness to travel no further begging the proud Dominate lord to think of his people and what should happen to the kingdom should the worst happen. 

Having listened to the Ferrymans pleas Alexander stunned at the mans Revelations agreed taking refuge at Inverkeithing upon entering and conversing with Inverkeithing's Saltmaster admitted that due to the pit-mirk night, the man had only just recognised him by his voice due to the unrelenting Dark, Had he really intended to continue in this Alexander shook his head in Wonder.

The Next Day Alexander III continued his journey a new companion the simple Ferryman in tow. He would go on to Rule Scotland for a further fifty years the Ferryman at his side as an aide and top advisor. He would always rememnber that fateful night and what could have been.........   

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